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Welcome to my Ranma-Chan fan fiction list Website.

Warning this site contains spoilers for stories you might not have read yet.

Last updated: 28/02/14
A list of all the newly added fics is located at the bottom of this page.

28/02/14 Sorry for the downtime, the server this site is hosted on has been experiencing major problems and I'm not sure if its fixed yet. In case that this site goes down again, you can find an almost up to date version of this site at the wayback machine so be sure to bookmark the backup in case the site goes again. I apologize for the trouble but theirs nothing I can do, and even if I move the site it would still take a long time before the search engines pick it up again.

8/02/14 It's been a speedy couple of months compared to any other time in this sites history but due to a bunch of new games coming out I'm afraid progress is going to slow back to a crawl. Sorry in advanced, already trying to finish Final Fantasy XIII-2 in anticipation for XIII-3 and I just got Fable anniversary today. Still I enjoy reading while walking around town so it's not all bad and stories will still get added eventually. Cant believe it's been 5 years since I started this site. I first posted this site to a forum on Sat Feb 21, 2009 wow how time flies by.

The update list at the bottom of this page has been wiped and started fresh. Got a bit too long.

ranma chan

If by some freak chance or miracle you have manage to stumble upon this site, then I hope you find what you are looking for and return to the site regularly.

This site contains a listing of Ranma 1/2 Fan fictions that I personally like gathered from around the net that either has Ranma permanently becoming a girl in some way, spends a good portion of the fic as a girl and possibly doesn't mind the curse anymore, and finally Ranma getting split into two or more bodies with at least one of the copies being a girl. These stories generally must be of a certain quality and length before I will consider them but exceptions have been made.

I am constantly adding new stories to the lists, so please check back regularly to see what's new. I usually add stories as I read or re-read them which takes time, especially for the few huge stories that I enjoy reading so I wont be adding too many stories at once. Since this site is mostly done, except for the large list in the to add section, I wont be updating as regularly as I have in the past as I mostly just keep adding fics I have stored on my hard drive. I do keep my eye out for brand new stories that could fit within this site, so please inform me if you come across one. Also a change from the past, this site will now be updated after every new story added compared to the bulk update system I used in the past so keep checking regularly if you want to see updates.

Main Pages:
- Ranma gets locked as a girl, or spends almost all the fic as one.
More girly than normal - Ranma spends a good portion of the fic as a female.
Ranma split into two - Ranma's cursed form is split into a separate body leaving two Ranma's.
Crossovers - Simple list of crossover fics created from the other lists.
To Add - Fics I plan on adding in the future that need a description writing.
My Ideas - Short ideas I had for many stories.

As you can tell when looking at the other pages, I have listed quite a lot of stories. I have also included a short descriptive summary written by me for each story to help you find a fic that peaks your interests as well as the links to get to the story or the author. There are many spoilers contained within this site for stories you may not have read yet as I'm basically giving you a condensed plot of the whole fic in the description. If their are no online links available then I will try to upload a copy of the story to this site and link to it. I would appreciate it if you can e-mail me or use the guest book to inform me of any broken links or good Ranma Chan fics that you think are worthy of placing here. Quite a lot of these fics will be found either at fanfiction.net or at the Penultimate Ranma fanfic index. All crossovers have been moved to separate pages, still separated between Ranko, Girly and Split.

ranma chan
All the stories listed here are usually fairly good, no really bad stories here. Very few stories are perfect, but what they lack in one area, like writing quality or length, they make up for with a good plot idea that draws you in. So while I do like long stories better, I still like to read some of the shorter ones as well so long as they have a good idea behind them.

Finally I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you fanfic writers out there who have grabbed my attention and never let go, I'm going to be reading these forever. Thanks to the Ranko fiction list at bookmice.net, that introduced me to quite a few really good Ranma Chan fics. Finally a huge thanks to everybody at Fukufics.com who are a very supportive community, helping people look for stories many of which have sucked me in, and critiquing writers fan fics in production, helping the writers create a better story.

Help me find more stories

If anybody knows of a good Ranma Chan fic that I have missed from my list, please don't hesitate to contact me. I don't promise to add the fic to my lists, but if I get enough submissions for a story that I'm not too keen about myself, I'll probably add them to the page anyway.

(R) Ranma Chan
(G) More Girly
(S) Split in Two

08/02/14 - (G) Happi Days
08/02/14 - (G) Sexual Endeavours
08/02/14 - (G) Nibun no Senshi Sailor Moon
08/02/14 - (G) Spoiled Brats
07/02/14 - (G) Desperately Seeking Ranma
04/02/14 - (R) Crossing Moon
04/02/14 - (R) The Blessing
04/02/14 - (R) Secrets
03/02/14 - (R) Cologne's Final Confrontation
03/02/14 - (R) Hikari no Daija The Serpent of Light
02/02/14 - (R) A Colder Curse
02/02/14 - (R) Battousai and the Ruby Tiger
02/02/14 - (R) Ascending changes
02/02/14 - (R) Final Solution
02/02/14 - (S) Mirror, Mirror
02/02/14 - (R) Hikaru's Secret



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